Beginners Classes

Start Each Month

A new Beginner Class starts the first Tuesday of each month. For children 7-years-old or younger, at least one parent or guardian must participate in the Beginner Class with the child.

Members of the Beginner Class attend a separate class twice a week for one month before joining regular classes. After the first two weeks, you may also attend the Saturday morning Intermediate class.

For class times, see the Schedule page. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class to allow time to register.


After one month, most students of the Beginner Class are ready to start attending the intermediate class. However, if you miss practice several times, you may want to repeat the Beginner Class for a second month. Children may also benefit from repeating the Beginner Class.


Beginners should wear loose-fitting, body-concealing clothing, such as sweats. When you join the Intermediate class, you will be asked to buy a karate uniform (keiko-gi).

A Family Activity

Karate training is good for the entire family. Compared to most sports, karate is something that parents and children can do together, while also developing their physical and mental strength.


Please see the Membership Fees Page.

Previous Experience

If you have experience in another martial art, you will probably want to take the beginner class. Techniques can be very different among the martial arts, even among different styles of karate.

If you have experience in Shotokan Karate, please consult Sensei Toryu on whether you should take the beginner class. Important factors are whether you remember the kata and whether you are in shape to handle the aerobic and strength-oriented drills.

Basic Kumite (Sparring)
Basic Kumite (Sparring)
Spear Hand
Spear Hand
Front Kick
Front Kick

Picking a Martial Arts School

There can be large variations among different martial arts schools. Even within a single style, such as Shotokan Karate, classes may be taught differently depending on the teacher and organization. We recommend that you watch a class, especially a beginner class, before you participate. Also, talk to people who train there or who know the school and its instructor.

One advantage of JKA Boston is its affiliation with the Japan Karate Association World Federation and Shotokan Karate-Do International. These organizations ensure karate is practiced at the same high standards throughout the world.

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