Dan Exam Form

Download This Form Before Your Dan Exam

If you are testing for a black belt rank through Shotokan Karate-Do International (SKDI), you will be required to fill out a Dan application form.

To make things easier, you can fill out the form in advance. Here are some tips for using this form:

  • Download the SKDI Dan Application Form PDF.
  • Either use Adobe Reader version 11 or later to type directly in the form (recommended) or print the form and fill it in by hand.
  • Use the most recent version of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader XI (version 11) allows you to save the data you type into the input fields. Earlier versions of Adobe Reader do not. We recommend that you double-check your version of Adobe Reader before you start to type in the fields.
  • The PDF includes a page of instructions to help you fill out the form.
  • In Adobe Reader, hints appear in tooltips when you hover the cursor over the input fields.
  • The form can be confusing. You might want to start filling it out about a week in advance, in case you have questions. Then you can relax the day of your test.

Using Adobe Reader to type in the fields helps the examiners, because it is much easier for them to read typed text than hand writing. It also makes it more likely that your name will be spelled correctly on your Dan Certificate.

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Dan Exam Form - open in the most recent version of Adobe Reader

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